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i_Job Interface Reference
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import "i_job.idl";

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Public Member Functions

i_JobParams GetJobParams () raises (i_IvdException)
void GetNewResources (in i_Index_t a_resNum) raises (i_IvdException)
void AllocateDiskBuffer (in i_FileSize_t a_size) raises (i_IvdException)
i_JobRequestList_t GetFiles () raises (i_IvdException)
i_JobID_t GetJobId () raises (i_IvdException)
i_JobStatus_e GetJobStatus () raises (i_IvdException)
i_FSC GetFSC () raises (i_IvdException)
void RegisterBEA (in i_BackEndAgent a_bea, in i_Index_t a_beaNum) raises (i_IvdException)
void AssignResources (in i_ResourceList_t a_resources) raises (i_IvdException)
void SetPriority (in long a_modifier) raises (i_IvdException)
i_ResourceList_t GetAllResource () raises (i_IvdException)
void SetResourceBusyStatus (in i_Index_t a_resNum, in i_ResourceBusy_e a_resStatus) raises (i_IvdException)
void MediumOperationComplete (in i_Index_t a_beaNum, in i_CompletionStatus_e a_status) raises (i_IvdException)
void FRIReadSuccess (in i_Index_t a_beaNum, in i_Index_t a_volNum, in i_BlkOffset_t a_lastDataPos) raises (i_IvdException)
i_FileLocationDataList_t GetNextRecallSet () raises (i_IvdException)
boolean IsAborted () raises (i_IvdException)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file i_job.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void i_Job::AllocateDiskBuffer ( in i_FileSize_t  a_size  )  raises (i_IvdException)
void i_Job::AssignResources ( in i_ResourceList_t  a_resources  )  raises (i_IvdException)
void i_Job::FRIReadSuccess ( in i_Index_t  a_beaNum,
in i_Index_t  a_volNum,
in i_BlkOffset_t  a_lastDataPos 
) raises (i_IvdException)
i_ResourceList_t i_Job::GetAllResource (  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_JobRequestList_t i_Job::GetFiles (  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_FSC i_Job::GetFSC (  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_JobID_t i_Job::GetJobId (  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_JobParams i_Job::GetJobParams (  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_JobStatus_e i_Job::GetJobStatus (  )  raises (i_IvdException)
void i_Job::GetNewResources ( in i_Index_t  a_resNum  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_FileLocationDataList_t i_Job::GetNextRecallSet (  )  raises (i_IvdException)
boolean i_Job::IsAborted (  )  raises (i_IvdException)
void i_Job::MediumOperationComplete ( in i_Index_t  a_beaNum,
in i_CompletionStatus_e  a_status 
) raises (i_IvdException)
void i_Job::RegisterBEA ( in i_BackEndAgent  a_bea,
in i_Index_t  a_beaNum 
) raises (i_IvdException)
void i_Job::SetPriority ( in long  a_modifier  )  raises (i_IvdException)
void i_Job::SetResourceBusyStatus ( in i_Index_t  a_resNum,
in i_ResourceBusy_e  a_resStatus 
) raises (i_IvdException)

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