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struct  ivd_FileLocationData_t
 ivd_FileLocationData_t is used at reorganization as well as redundant copy feature. More...
struct  ivd_ScanInfo_t


typedef vector
< ivd_FileLocationData_t
typedef ivd_FileLocVect_t::iterator ivd_FileLocIter_t
typedef vector< ivd_ScanInfo_tivd_ScanInfo_v_t
typedef ivd_ScanInfo_v_t::iterator ivd_ScanInfo_v_i


int FileLocDataOffsetCompare (const void *a_st, const void *a_nd)

Typedef Documentation

typedef ivd_FileLocVect_t::iterator ivd_FileLocIter_t

Definition at line 114 of file ivd_FileLocationData_t.h.

Definition at line 113 of file ivd_FileLocationData_t.h.

typedef ivd_ScanInfo_v_t::iterator ivd_ScanInfo_v_i

Definition at line 140 of file ivd_FileLocationData_t.h.

Definition at line 139 of file ivd_FileLocationData_t.h.

Function Documentation

int FileLocDataOffsetCompare ( const void *  a_st,
const void *  a_nd 
) [inline]

Definition at line 142 of file ivd_FileLocationData_t.h.

Referenced by fsc_FLSPerVolume::SortByOffset().


    return (reinterpret_cast<const ivd_FileLocationData_t*>(a_st))->blockOffset
           - (reinterpret_cast<const ivd_FileLocationData_t*>(a_nd))->blockOffset;

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