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i_FSC Interface Reference
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import "i_fsc.idl";

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Public Member Functions

i_CollocationIDs_t InsertSplitFromFRIBlock (in i_FRIBlockInfo_t a_friInfo, in i_DataBlock_t a_friBlock) raises (i_IvdException)
i_FileIDs_t GetFileIDs (in i_Count_t a_count) raises (i_IvdException)
i_CopiesPos_v_t GetCopiesPos (in i_FileID_t a_fileID, inout i_MigID_t a_migID, in i_FileSize_t a_fileSize) raises (i_IvdException)
i_FSCfileState_v_t CheckWithIVDFS (in i_IvdfsFileInfo_v_t a_ivdfsFileInfo) raises (i_IvdException)
i_FileHistoryList_t GetFileHistory (in i_FileID_t a_fileID) raises (i_IvdException)
i_FileID_t ChkLastFileID (in i_FileID_t a_fileID) raises (i_IvdException)
 FSC check if DataL.lrf is large enought.
void ReleaseVolEntries (in i_DBKey_t a_mediumKey, in i_Index_t a_medVolNum) raises (i_IvdException)
 Remove entries from particular volume.
i_Status_t Suspend () raises (i_IvdException)
void Continue (in i_Status_t a_status) raises (i_IvdException)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file i_fsc.idl.

Member Function Documentation

i_FSCfileState_v_t i_FSC::CheckWithIVDFS ( in i_IvdfsFileInfo_v_t  a_ivdfsFileInfo  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_FileID_t i_FSC::ChkLastFileID ( in i_FileID_t  a_fileID  )  raises (i_IvdException)

FSC check if DataL.lrf is large enought.

void i_FSC::Continue ( in i_Status_t  a_status  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_CopiesPos_v_t i_FSC::GetCopiesPos ( in i_FileID_t  a_fileID,
inout i_MigID_t  a_migID,
in i_FileSize_t  a_fileSize 
) raises (i_IvdException)
i_FileHistoryList_t i_FSC::GetFileHistory ( in i_FileID_t  a_fileID  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_FileIDs_t i_FSC::GetFileIDs ( in i_Count_t  a_count  )  raises (i_IvdException)
i_CollocationIDs_t i_FSC::InsertSplitFromFRIBlock ( in i_FRIBlockInfo_t  a_friInfo,
in i_DataBlock_t  a_friBlock 
) raises (i_IvdException)
void i_FSC::ReleaseVolEntries ( in i_DBKey_t  a_mediumKey,
in i_Index_t  a_medVolNum 
) raises (i_IvdException)

Remove entries from particular volume.

i_Status_t i_FSC::Suspend (  )  raises (i_IvdException)

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