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fs_api Class Reference

#include <hsm_fs_api.h>

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Public Types

enum  Event_e {
  eUnknown = 0, ePreMount,
  eMount, eUmount,
  eOpen, eRelease,
  eChgNameOwn, eDelFile,
  eChgData, eOffline,
  eChgAttr, eChgMeta,

Public Member Functions

 fs_api (string &a_dev, string &a_fsUUID, i_HSM_i *a_pIHSM, hsm_Containers *a_pCont, log_EventLog *a_peLog)
virtual ~fs_api ()
void Initialize (void)
void Destroy (void)
void Run (bool a_recoveryMode)
void EventDelay ()
void EventMounted (ivd_FS_Event &)
void EventPredismount (ivd_FS_Event &)
void EventDismounted (ivd_FS_Event &)
void EventCreate (ivd_FS_Event &)
void EventDelete (ivd_FS_Event &)
void EventMove (ivd_FS_Event &)
void EventDataOffline (ivd_FS_Event &)
void EventDataChange (ivd_FS_Event &)
void EventAttributeChange (ivd_FS_Event &)

Public Attributes

string m_fsUUID

Private Member Functions

void AddGenericEvent (ivd_FS_Event &a_event, Event_e a_eventType)
 This method add an object (if not exist yet) into Cache list and check every directory in path list if exist in Cache list.
hsm_FileHeaderGetDirFH (ivd_PathList_t &a_pathList, ivd_PathListIter_t a_plIter)
 getOwner return pointer to FH of parent directory if directory doesn't exist in cache then generate new ad put it to cache and
hsm_FileHeaderFindAndPrepareFH (ivd_GenInode_t inode)
 This methods tries to find File Header and lock it.
hsm_FileHeaderCreateNewFH (ivd_GenInode_t inode, ivd_FS_Event &a_event, string &name, string &oldName)
 Method for creating and initialazing File Header.
void DismissFH (hsm_FileHeader *a_hsmFH, ivd_GenInode_t a_inode)
 This methods decrements File Header reference and unlocks it.

Private Attributes

bool m_initialized
ivd_Delay m_eventRateRegulation

Detailed Description

Definition at line 100 of file hsm_fs_api.h.

Member Data Documentation

Reimplemented from ivd_FileSystemAPI.

Definition at line 102 of file hsm_fs_api.h.

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