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Resource Manager

Resource Manager main tasks: More...

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class  i_ResourceManager_i
class  rm_PartitionStatus
class  rm_SysState
class  rm_JobParams
class  rm_QueueExecutor
class  rm_Queue


typedef vector
< rm_PartitionStatus
typedef partVec_t::iterator partVecIT_t
typedef multimap< Int32_t,
rm_JobParams, greater< Int32_t > > 
typedef rm_AllocQueue_t::iterator rm_AllocQueue_it
typedef pair< const Int32_t,
const rm_JobParams

Detailed Description

Resource Manager main tasks:

  1. Admin of Resources: Inserting, removing, updating and deleting of Resources.
  2. Resource Allocation: Recall, Migration and Admin resource Allocation
  3. Partition- and System Status: Control and of current partition and system usage. Restriction enforcing regarding policies

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 178 of file rm.h.

typedef partVec_t::iterator partVecIT_t

Definition at line 179 of file rm.h.

typedef pair<const Int32_t, const rm_JobParams> rm_AllocPair_t

Definition at line 313 of file rm.h.

typedef rm_AllocQueue_t::iterator rm_AllocQueue_it

Definition at line 312 of file rm.h.

typedef multimap<Int32_t, rm_JobParams, greater<Int32_t> > rm_AllocQueue_t

Definition at line 310 of file rm.h.