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ivd_FileSystemAPI Class Reference

#include <ivd_fs_api.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ivd_FileSystemAPI (string &a_devFile, bool a_waitForMountEvent=false)
virtual ~ivd_FileSystemAPI (void)
void Run (bool a_recoveryMode)
void SetConfiguration (const ivd_FS_Cfg_t &cfg)
void GetConfiguration (ivd_FS_Cfg_t &cfg)
void SetDebug (UInt32_t a_dbgIVDFS)
void DumpState (ivd_FSInfo_t &fsInfo)
void SetLimitedAccessMode (const string &a_VolumeName, ivd_FS_OpMode_e a_OpMode)
virtual void EventDelay ()
virtual void EventQueueEmpty (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventCancelRequest (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventMounted (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventMountRequest (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventLogMessage (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventPredismount (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventDismounted (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventCreate (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventDelete (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventPreDelete (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventMove (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventDataOffline (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventDataChange (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventAttributeChange (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventMetadataChange (ivd_FS_Event &)
virtual void EventAltdataChange (ivd_FS_Event &)
ivd_FileHandle_t GetDevHandle (void)
const string & GetDevName (void)
void TriggerTerminateEvent (void)
void Reconfigure (void)
void SetRootPath (cmn_Path a_rootPath)
cmn_Path GetRootPath ()

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

bool IsPathTooLong (UInt32_t a_len)

Private Attributes

ivd_FileHandle_t m_fd
string m_devFile
cmn_Path m_rootPath
bool m_waitForMountEvent

Detailed Description

Definition at line 157 of file ivd_fs_api.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ivd_FileSystemAPI::ivd_FileSystemAPI ( string &  a_devFile,
bool  a_waitForMountEvent = false 

Definition at line 103 of file hpux/ivd_fs_api.cpp.

References dbg_LOW, dbg_NORM, errno, g_cmn, HSM_IOC_SET_INVIO_PID, ie_HSM_NODEVFILE, ivd_Error, log_DBG_m, log_FUNC_m, m_devFile, m_fd, cmn_SysInfo::m_pid, and cmn_Global::si.


    if (m_devFile.empty()) {
        throw ivd_Error(ie_HSM_NODEVFILE, "Device file name is ilegal.", true);

    if ((m_fd = open(m_devFile.c_str(), O_RDWR)) == -1) {
        throw ivd_SysError(errno, "Cannot open Device file name.", true);
    log_DBG_m(dbg_NORM, "Event Manager started on " << m_devFile);

    if (ioctl(m_fd, HSM_IOC_SET_INVIO_PID, &( < 0) {
        log_DBG_m(dbg_LOW, "ioctl(HSM_IOC_SET_INVIO_PID) failed: " << errno);

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