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rm_JobParams Class Reference
[Resource Manager]

#include <rm.h>

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Public Attributes

UInt64_t jobID
i_Job_var iJob
Int32_t jobPriority
Int32_t priorityModifier
string partName
string partUUID
ivd_JobType_e jobType
i_BufType_t bufType
UInt64_t bufId
ivd_Time32_t startTime
Int32_t phase
rm_ResourceTable_t m_resources
bool m_jobInformed
rm_CopiesPos_v_t m_copiesPosVec

Detailed Description

Definition at line 287 of file rm.h.

Member Data Documentation

i_Job_var rm_JobParams::iJob

Definition at line 306 of file rm.h.

Definition at line 305 of file rm.h.

Referenced by i_ResourceManager_i::GetResources().

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