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i_Resource_t Struct Reference
[CORBA Interface Definitions]

import "i_types.idl";

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Public Attributes

i_Index_t resNum
i_DBKey_t poolKey
i_UUID_t poolUUID
string poolName
i_Type_t poolType
string libraryName
string libraryHost
i_DBKey_t driveKey
string driveCtrlDevice
string driveIndex
string driveHost
i_DBKey_t mediumKey
string barcode
boolean load
boolean unload
i_BlkSize_t blockSize
i_Type_t mediumFamily
string loadSlotAddr
string unloadSlotAddr
string unloadBarcode
i_Index_t medVolNr
i_UUID_t medVolId
i_Type_t medVolType
i_DBKey_t dssKey
i_FileID_t fileId
i_BlkOffset_t blockOffset
i_FileSize_t splitOffset
boolean resRequested
i_ResourceBusy_e resourceBusyStatus
boolean resAllocated
boolean resAssigned
boolean resReleased
boolean resBeaStarted
boolean resProcessed
boolean resMedOpComplete
boolean collocation
i_ColID_t majColId
i_ColID_t minColId
i_BitFlag_t minFlags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 124 of file i_types.idl.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 142 of file i_types.idl.

Referenced by rm_Resource_t::Convert2Corba(), and rm_Resource_t::operator=().

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