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OpenArchive is a powerful software for companies and enterprises which need to archive huge numbers of files and growing masses of data securely and for a long period of time.

OpenArchive, a derivative of GRAU DATA’s ArchiveManager and with most of its features and functions, can handle millions of files and is scaleable up to an archive capacity of several petabytes.

OpenArchive is not only freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the Affero General Public License (AGPL), but is also compatible with hardware from major manufacturers of standard Linux servers, as well as with your existing RAID systems and/or LTO-based tape libraries.

OpenArchive integrates seamlessly into existing Windows or Linux/Unix environments and guarantees the compatibility of existing and future archiving applications from independent software manufacturers for DMS, e-mail, files, audio, video, PACS, engineering and other applications.

OpenArchive and ArchiveManager are subject to ongoing development and will be augmented with additional features as time goes by. Effective immediately, OpenArchive is a community project to which  everyone is welcome to contribute. Now and in coming years, we at GRAU DATA are committed to assuring the quality of OpenArchive.