Firebird server problems


While OA processes are starting up, the following error is reported:
ERROR: Firebird SuperServer (Interbase) is not up and running!


Firebird is a third-party software used by the Resource Manager for managing resources in OA implementations. Firebird software must be installed on the system before you can start OA processes. For instructions on how to install the Firebird package, see the OA Installation Guide for a particular platform. You can find more detailed information on Firebird on the web site


Proceed as follows:

Run the following command to check if the Firebird server is running:
# /etc/init.d/firebird status

If the Firebird server is running, the output should look like this:
ibserver (pid 896 895 581 577 576) is running...

If the Firebird server is not running, invoke the following command to start it:
# /etc/init.d/firebird start